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Fermenting used coffee grounds

Per the original paper (Armando Sampaio, Giuliano Dragone, Mar Vilanova, José M. Oliveira, José A. Teixeira, Solange I. Mussatto, Production, chemical characterization, and sensory profile of a novel ...
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Cold Brew Coffee with Ginger bug fermentation

Hey so I did a test run myself with some instant coffee and I managed to get it to carbonate. Here are my steps, Step 0: Boil water and let cool or used distilled water Step 1: Mix instant coffee and ...
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Comparing Espresso Stout to a Coffee Stout

Espresso is just a method of making coffee. What if it was "Drip Filter Coffee Stout" ?! When I have added coffee to a stout (and I've only done it once), I used pre-roated coffee beans, and ...
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