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Just brewed a "White Stout" - Looking for feedback on additives

This peaked my interest awhile back, there are a lot of articles of big breweries doing this Unicorn of brewing. From what I've found it's really expensive to do right (without chemical color ...
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Fermenting used coffee grounds

Per the original paper (Armando Sampaio, Giuliano Dragone, Mar Vilanova, José M. Oliveira, José A. Teixeira, Solange I. Mussatto, Production, chemical characterization, and sensory profile of a novel ...
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Cold Brew Coffee with Ginger bug fermentation

Hey so I did a test run myself with some instant coffee and I managed to get it to carbonate. Here are my steps, Step 0: Boil water and let cool or used distilled water Step 1: Mix instant coffee and ...
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Comparing Espresso Stout to a Coffee Stout

Espresso is just a method of making coffee. What if it was "Drip Filter Coffee Stout" ?! When I have added coffee to a stout (and I've only done it once), I used pre-roated coffee beans, and ...
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Specific gravity after adding cold-pressed coffee?

You started with 128 x 4 = 512oz of beer at 1.018. You added 27 ounces of coffee. We will treat the coffee like water, since it contains no fermentable sugars. You've diluted the beer by (27/512) ~ 5....
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Specific gravity after adding cold-pressed coffee?

It is inconsequential. When steeping coffee when hot or cold (same with tea really), there is no appreciable addition of anything that would change the density of the water. Let's look at this at ...
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