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Looks a little like the beginning of this: If it were me, I'd probably go with a taste test to figure out what to do next. Not sure how long you've been brewing (and apologies if this adds insult to injury, not my intent) but infections are rare from what I understand. You may want to take a close look at how you ...


I had this earthy woody taste in my IPAs before I started using Camden tablets to remove chlorine and chloromine so perhaps it it some kind of chlorophenol that causes it? I also taste it in some commercial IPAs. Another possibility is we are sensitive to cohumulone in hops.


Okay, so I actually tried this. I made a simple gruit(Beer with herbs instead of hops), and I just used neem as the herb. It did not interfere with the yeast at all and created an interesting drink. It tastes a lot like neem tea, and is nice and bitter, but also tastes malty like beer. When warm and un-carbonated, it's not great, but when cold and carbonated ...

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