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Obviously too late to help you, but I've used 3724 extensively and never had the stall after reading an article about saison yeasts by Drew Beechum. He said that 3724 doesn't perform well under pressure and recommended using a sanitized piece of aluminum foil placed loosely over the fermentation vessel. I use a Ss Brewtech bucket and just lay the foil over ...


Kveik yeast are also being recommended : Which are the good yeasts and beer styles for fermenting at higher temperatures? It can get as hot as 40ยบ C


Hangover is still not clearly understood but one dominant factor is dehydration due to over-consumption of alcohol resulting in, most commoly, headache and nausea. There are other symptoms of hangover that will be difficult to distinguish from most forms of over-consumtion of alcohol and other symptoms of allergic reactions and other over sensitivities ...

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