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It might be finished fermenting, but it would indeed be wise to leave it alone for another couple of weeks just to be certain, and the extra time should help it to clear as well. If after that point it is still cloudy, you can try adding unflavored gelatin to get some of the haze to settle out. This takes a few days but I have found it to be very helpful.


It just needs more time. Give it about 6 weeks, that should help. Carbonation can take longer than you might have heard, and longer than you might think. Keep it warm, don't chill it until you are ready to drink. I agree with brewchez on that.


Sound like its just not done yet. Wild yeast will work slower than some purer strains will work. If there is pressure under the cap when you open it then there is some activity going. Of course, if there wasn't enough sugar then maybe you've just got enough CO2 in the headspace. I think more time will be needed. The notion that the liquid only absorbs ...


I got 2 unused oak barrels from a South African. He had them for 25 years & never used them. He said before I use them, to clean them twice with boiling water to remove the wax sealant inside... Looks like parafin wax. I filled them to the top, left them for 5 minutes and emptied them, twice each. A fair bit of wax floated on top of the water. One ...

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