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Yeast needs sugar as food to convert to alcohol and also while in frementer contributes a little to carbonation. Leaving bottling too late will affect the secondary fermentation and carbonation process once bottled as the yeast has been starved due to eating all of the sugars. So if there is about 20billion yeast cells in a pack of yeast, then you may find ...


Skim the mold off of the top, and transfer most of the liquid from below it. Only transfer the liquid that you know hasn't touched the mold. This may or may not work. Although, if your airlock is working correctly, I don't think mold should be able to get in.


There are two steps needed here: Ensure complete fermentation Reduce the amount of yeast in suspension. If you are concerned that the fermentation is not complete, you could raise the temperature of the cider to around 20C, and/or gently swirl the yeast back up into suspension. This will promote more rapid yeast activity, without being so high as to cause ...


At 5 gallons a week, you're doing volumes that could justify a Buon Vino Super Jet, especially if you're batching your filtrations so you do four at a time or so. I've got a long background in wine filtering. Check the following links for more info General filtering discussion Using the Mini Jet

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