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I'm not aware of any yeast that will pass 20% by any large margin in a pitch-and-forget type of way. Once you start pushing 16+% and you're not using a distillers yeast- you're looking for multi-stage sugar and nutrient additions and it's going to be pretty hands on. Even so- I don't think you're going to get much past 23% If you're just pitching champagne ...


Yes, you can reuse yeast. I use both homebrew and commercially and everything is ok. Can carry out normal treatment. Always remembering to sanitize the equipment used, thank you.


Live: 795 million cells/ml Dead: 220 million cells/ml Total: 1015 million cells/ml Viability: 78.32% Dilution: 200 Cells needed: Volume: 1135 Litrs, Gravity: 12 and pitching rate: 1 million cells= Pitching rate 12*10^12 per ml. Required slurry??

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