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I haven't done barrel fermenting but it's quite common in Burgundy with Chardonnay. Usually, its done in neutral barrels. The reason it's done is that it adds complexity and mouthfeel to the finished product because of the interaction with oak. The process is to crush, press and rack into barrels and pitch the yeast and ferment in the barrel. No skins ...


Most of the questions have been answered by chthon already, but some additional notes: Hefe is a fast style, the usual hefe yeast is a very fast fermenter and there is no need for a secondary or cold crashing. Cloudy/yeasty beer is part of the style. Make sure it is done fermenting, then start drinking asap! On question 3 and the new question 1: Yes you ...


A weizenbeer can be bottled/kegged after a week and conditioned for two weeks, or bottled/kegged after two weeks and conditioned for a week. Do not cold crash a weizen. Presence of yeast is part of the style. (Note: that might be a weak point of kegging w.r.t. weizenbeer, in that yeast is probably not tapped after it drops out). You could indeed use ...


Not sure it's possible. SCOBY does what she wants. She likes to make floating pancakes. The best you might hope for is a high fill with a super narrow neck to keep the SCOBY as small as possible.

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