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Beer-N-BBQ by Larry says hops absorb 0,0033L of wort per gram. I don't know where the value actually comes from though.


The whole point of a "hop stand" is that below a certain temperature (around 80°C), theoretically very-little/zero bitterness will be extracted from the hops. This process step came about with large brewing equipment, where the wort can remain hot during the possibly lengthy lautering process (where spent grain is removed from wort). Thus a large "zero ...


It depends on how clearly the recipe was written. Typically a zero minute addition means adding hops directly at flame out and then the wort chilling begins. A hop stand would typically mean hops are added, usually post boil, and allowed to sit for a defined time and/or a defined temperature. An example of a hop stand would be "cool wort to 140F, add hops ...

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