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You can condition carbonate in your keg. This isn't the best for a neipa and would take at least 2 weeks at room temperature, but I think keg conditioning is safer than bottle conditioning due the risk of oxydation.


things 'able' people don't think about, but it makes total sense! I have sat back in my chair and thought about this for half an hour or so, this is what I came up with, food for thought. Buy smaller bottles in bulk (although more initial outlay), makro, bookers... do a deal with the owner of your local corner shop who goes to the 'cash and carry' Soda ...


I'm sorry, but transferring 2L bottles to smaller Grolsch style flip-top bottles to preserve carbonation just sounds like far more trouble than it could be worth, to satisfy an old wives' tale that white soda and ginger ale help to calm a nauseous stomach. If you like the white sodas in smaller amounts, and need to minimize costs, look for deals on generic ...

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