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How would I estimate yeast concentration of washed yeast for Mr Malty's calculator?

I washed some yeast ( US 05 ) from my last brew; and I now have 3 jars of yeast which separated out nicely overnight. They're around 2/3 yeast, 1/3 liquid at the moment, with no trub as far as I can ...
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Do I need an anti-microbial additive in my plum brandy mash?

Basically I pitted and smashed 10 lbs. of very ripe plums; heated the pulp, skins and juice to like 120°F and added 3 gals. of distilled water and 5 lbs. of sugar. Waited for it to cool below 90°F ...
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identifying sediment layers in yeast washing

I'm washing the yeast from a brew I've just bottled and it's not settling quite how I am expecting with my limited (once before) experience. This fermentation was with a fresh packet of dried Danstar ...
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Washing yeast from a brew that was pitched too warm?

I wasn't able to cool down the wort well enough and pitched WLP001 at 85°F (29.5°C) (I know, what a failure...) My home is 82°F (28°C) indoors and the water comes out of the faucet at that temp too. ...
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Yeast rinsing with store bought water?

Just starting to get into yeast management and in every instance I can find describing how to rinse yeast people are boiling water, letting it cool and continuing from there. What would be the ...
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