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1 vote
3 answers

Failed primary fementation - repitch?

Yeast: Mangrove Jack's M44 - US West Coast Yesterday I brewed an IPA recipe but had a couple of issues when it came to pitching the yeast. The first was that I could not get the wort temperature ...
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Brewing a Flanders Red Bruin/Historic C18 Porter?

I am about to brew my first test batch of a Flanders Red/Brown. I am thinking Rodenbach, but with local ingredients. So, for me Maris replaces lager malt, Admiral and Progress replace nobel hops. ...
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Process and timing to detect a stalled fermenation in order to add more yeast (repitch)

Working with a 1.060 original gravity wort, mashed at 152F, and using the WLP565 Dupont yeast (that is known to stall), when should the brewer investigate if adding a secondary strain of yeast will be ...
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Used Wrong Yeast.... Final Gravity Too High

I am considering two techniques for lowering my specific gravity but am unsure if my methods will work. I am currently fermenting a bock style. It's not a true bock because I don't have the ability to ...
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How would I estimate yeast concentration of washed yeast for Mr Malty's calculator?

I washed some yeast ( US 05 ) from my last brew; and I now have 3 jars of yeast which separated out nicely overnight. They're around 2/3 yeast, 1/3 liquid at the moment, with no trub as far as I can ...
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4 answers

Yeast Problems!

Brewing a porter, pitched my yeast and started with a 1.056. My air conditioner broke for 1 day and the beer got to about 80 degrees after about 1 1/2 weeks of fermentation. Beer has been sitting at ...
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Should I pitch a second round of yeast?

I brewed a Dogfish Punkn clone that was rather heavy on the sediment. I pitched a pretty healthy yeast starter that was working for 30 hours before being pitched probably around 80 degrees, perhaps ...
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2 answers

Is my beer oxidized?

I brewed a batch of bitter 5 weeks ago, simple recipe with 90 % pale malt and 10 % crystal. IBU is aout 30. I have brewed this beer before, and it was great. Everything went perfect, up until I ...
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Is my fermentation on the right track?

I upgraded my equipment and estimated my new efficiency a bit too low, so the imperial IPA that I brewed on 11/30 ended up having an O.G. of 1.10 (supposed to be 1.09). I made a two step starter with ...
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4 answers

Bad (dead) yeast? What now?

Brewed an ESB yesterday, pitching Wyeast 1028 @ 70 degrees F. Stirred and shook carboy for oxygen, then airlocked and moved moved to the basement. This morning, carboy is @ 71 degrees F with NO ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Possible failed ferment: re-boil or campden + re-pitch?

On Saturday I brewed my 89th batch, an all-grain Irish Red Ale, SG 1.049. Pitched Wyeast 1084 from an "Activator" smack pack dated May 2012 that I'd struck around eight hours earlier, then aerated ...
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8 votes
4 answers

Ideas for rescuing an under-pitched and under-hopped batch

A few batches ago, I had a "learning experience". I now have some pretty good ideas of where I went wrong (mainly, not having any idea how to design a recipe), but I'm wondering what I can do with a ...
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Repitching yeast on back to back brews, which one first?

I'm brewing two beers back to back so I can reuse some White Labs California Ale (WLP001). One is a basic APA 1.058 OG and the Other is a Scottish Export/80 1.051 OG. Is there any reason I should ...
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2 answers

Why re-pitch light to dark?

It is often said that, when re-pitching yeast, you should generally go from low- to high-gravity, and dark to light beers. When I repitch, I use trub directly. I understand why using a yeast from a ...
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