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Expected priming time after 5 months in fridge?

I had a demijohn of beer sitting 'maturing' in the fridge for 5 months, neglected mostly. Needless to say it was crystal clear, which is little pointless as I ended up bottling it because within 5 ...
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Is Weizenbock a good style to cellar?

I always thought that it was a great beer to cellar for a year or more. I have a full keg and about a case of bottles of it on hand though. Wheat tells me it doesn't age well. Decent amount of alcohol,...
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Temperature Swings While Bottle Conditioning/Carbonating

I brewed a GLBC Christmas Ale Clone in November, trying (futilely) to have it ready for Xmas Eve. Had it in bottles two weeks before, but to no avail. As this beer finished up around 9.3%abv, the ...
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When to dry hop a barley wine

I was planning on aging my barley wine in a carboy. Is it appropriate to dry hop upon transfer to the secondary for aging. Or would it be better to dry hop after I consider the aging process to be ...
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Aging a naturally carbonated ale that was bottled from a keg

Okay, let's see if I can keep this question brief--I have a lot of followup questions that go with this so it may be difficult. Background: Last year I decided to start doing an annual Birthday Brew ...
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[WIKI] Characteristics of a Good Cellaring Beer

Every once and a while I come across beers that say they can be kept up to 5 years and become more developed over that time period, while other beers that are of the same style don't indicate this at ...
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Small Space & Apartment Brewing: Cellaring

Given the limited space of an apartment, where do you store your homebrew before drinking? Do not consider budget to be a factor. This is the eighth question in a series of discussions about small-...
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Beer Refrigeration Suggestions (Long Term)

I currently have 4 fridges at my house. One is for food. One is my kegerator. One is for beer to drink now. One is for beer to drink later. The beer for now is creeping into my food fridge, as the ...
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