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Beer gushing at day 5 of bottling: Bottle bombs?

I bottle my beer 5 days ago, and today I just opened for a test purpose, and it gushed. It is an Ale, and instructions say I should keep it in a warm place 2 weeks before putting to cool place. ...
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About IPA maturation schedule

My question is about creating a micro brewery. For an IPA, is it okay to do a two week primary fermentation then 1 day cold crash, carbonating in bright tank and bottling same day?
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Beer having an aroma more like wine/champagne

It's my first time brewing, and I chose a DIY Cooper's kit since I don't have much room in my apartment. Everything went well while dumping the things in the fermenter, although, it seems it has a ...
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Post-fermentation Belgian Pale Ale

I'm brewing a Belgian Pale Ale on Monday (12). It's my first time and using BeerSmith has been of great help. These last few days have filled me with a whole lot of doubts though. After fermantation ...
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Beer tasted bitter at kegging time, best leave at room temp?

I made a coopers classic IPA beer kit with a hop tea (about 5min boil), tin of light malt extract and 500g of light spray malt. I forgot to add water to the airlock in the first 4 days of fermentation ...
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What is the wine maturation stage that occurs just after bottling?

I've been making fruit wines for a long time. Fiejoa, blackberry, kiwifruit, prune, elderberry, etc. I commonly leave the wine in a 20+ litre container for a year or two before bottling. It seems ...
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Wet cloth or dirty cloth smell

I have this problem with my beer and I couldn't find any answer from my friends, experts, or web pages. Following primary fermentation (1 week) I move the green beer to a food grade plastic container ...
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Maturation temperature (when SG stabilizes)

Some guys recommend to increase the temperature once the fermentation finished, and so, "start" the maturation in a higher temperature. Others say the inverse, to reduce the temperature. I already ...
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Expected priming time after 5 months in fridge?

I had a demijohn of beer sitting 'maturing' in the fridge for 5 months, neglected mostly. Needless to say it was crystal clear, which is little pointless as I ended up bottling it because within 5 ...
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Temperature of maturing

When we say that we leave the beer to mature, at what temperature does that happen and does it need to be carbonated? Can a beer mature in a keg?
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Does anyone know what is the science behind maturing?

Once upon a time I did a little science at Uni. I'd now be really curious to understand a bit more behind the amazing difference between a freshly brewed beer and one that's matured on yeast for some ...
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Brewed beer turnaround time

As homebrewers why do we take longer to ferment our beer than what seems like the time-line at the commercial/pro level. Everytime I take a brewery tour or a listen to a podcast that interviews a pro ...
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How long should Belgian Blonde beer be aged?

I'd like to reuse my Belgian yeast (Zymoferm Z039 Belgische Klosterbiere und Ales) and I'm looking for information on how long various Belgian beers should be matured. My cellar capacity is very ...
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What are some red wines that mature quickly and are available in kits?

I'm looking for red wine kits that will mature quickly (6-18 months, as opposed to 2-5 years). I like big, complex reds, but I'd like some wine to drink while I'm waiting for them to mature. I prefer ...
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Maturation - what does it mean?

Homebrew recipes often give information along the lines of "6-8 weeks maturation". What exactly does maturation mean here in terms of conditions? Is it the same as a secondary? Can the beer "mature" ...
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What temp for a secondary maturation?

My first Irish Red Ale is at the secondary fermentation for about a week, I want to put the secondary fermenter to maturate on a refrigerator (with digital control for temp) for one more week before ...
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