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3 answers

Filtering air intake during cold crash

I'm thinking of cold crashing my current brew, but I am not comfortable with the idea of allowing sanitizer to be sucked in, and I'm not happy with foil I have heard that maybe there are micro foam ...
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first time using pet bottles and have 8 flat

Is there a special way of sealing PET bottles? This is the first time I have used these bottles so I just screwed the cap on by hand until I thought it was tight. I have had 8 flat bottles so far and ...
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2 answers

How can I make sure my vinyl tubing maintains a tight fit indefinitely?

I've just finished bottling my first homebrew; how it tastes in two weeks will be the ultimate arbiter of my success, but I feel like I made very few mistakes for a n00b and I don't think any of them ...
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gamma seal lids and B3 buckets

Last year, I bought lots of 6 gallon buckets for storing grain. They were from morebeer, and look like this The buckets do the job, but the lids are tricky to get on and off. I'm thinking of ...
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