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Beer left fermenting 2 months

Brewed beer in 5 gallon bucket in my nyc apt then had to leave town bc of covid. Been sitting there 2 months. Will it be smelling up my apt or building? the water on airlock has surely evaporated. ...
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I got a strong, chemical-vinegary smell when I opened the plastic fermentation bucket I use to store all my brewing stuff. Is it still safe to use?

Essentially what the title says. I use that bucket to store all the measurement equipment, hydrometer, etc. but also yeast nutrient, stabilisers and chemical sanitisers. The smell that came out from ...
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Worried about oxidation

I'm brewing my second batch and had a bit of an accident yesterday. I brewed 20l two days ago and when I checked my fermenter (bucket) yesterday it had overflown. I don't know what possessed me to ...
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Green apple taste with beer that used bucket with lid with no gasket

I kegged a black porter, from an extract kit 4 days ago, it is still carbonating. It has a green apple taste to it. I let it sit in the primary for 7 weeks, a midwest supplies 6.5 gal bucket w/ a ...
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Best way to clean moldy fermentation bucket

I've just had a major house move. During the move, I noticed my fermentation bucket had developed mold. Quite large mounds (to me anyway) of perhaps 0.25in diameter, in the corner of the base. Clearly ...
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Pressure inside mash tun, lid popping up

I have just finished building my mash tun using an insulated plastic barrel. Everything works great but when I pour hot water into the barrel and put a lid on, pressure builds up inside and eventually ...
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Plastic Bucket - Primary & Dry Hopping

I will be brewing an IPA this weekend and fermenting in a much easier to clean afterwards. Once fermentation is complete, I am going to dry hop for 7-10 days in the primary. That ...
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How to know if a bucket is good for fermentation

I bought a bucket on craigslist that was for fermentation. When I got it, it looks like a mess and has no labels on it. I want to be 100% it is safe to use for fermentation. How can I tell? Is there a ...
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Adding a spigot to a fermentation bucket what is a good height?

I'm brewing on board a boat, so nothing here is ideal. I'm just trying to reduce some equipment and simplify the process. I want to add a spigot to the fermenter that will hold about 3.5 - 4 gallons....
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105 Day Fermentation?

I am half dozen or so batches into my homebrewing "career" (Saison du Buff, Jasmine IPA and Midas Touch among my highlights) I found a recipe for a darker saison. I made some modifications (chocolate ...
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gamma seal lids and B3 buckets

Last year, I bought lots of 6 gallon buckets for storing grain. They were from morebeer, and look like this The buckets do the job, but the lids are tricky to get on and off. I'm thinking of ...
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What makes a brew bucket food grade?

This question usually pops up in my head every time I step into Home Depot and see all the orange buckets around. What makes a bucket food grade?
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Orange juice stain the brew bucket, or even worse?

Hello fellow home brewers! I am looking to begin an orange melomel tomorrow using this page as inspiration. After making some orange juice from the same oranges as the one's I will be using, I ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Buckets vs Carboys?

Currently I use glass carboys because the glass seems easier to keep sanitary and you can fill them with your spare change if you ever stop brewing. I'm wondering if having a bucket would be an ...
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What's the point of secondary fermentation?

I've always bottled directly after the primary fermentation has finished. What's the point of the secondary fermentation? Can I use a bucket or is it something that really necessitates a glass carboy?
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What characteristics should a bucket have to be suitable for a mash tun?

Does it need to have anything special or any food-grade bucket would do?
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Is a 5 gallon bucket too big for 3 gallon recipe?

I have a few Mr Beer extract kits left over from when I started this hobby. Can I ferment a 3 gallon recipe in a 5 gallon bucket? Will there be too much head space?
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