I have a standard manifold much like this one enter image description here

A while back I thought of equalizing the pressure in two of my kegs by opening their check valves on the manifold. To test whether this would work I first opened one check valve 1 which was attached to a keg that was over carbed. I then made sure check valve 2 was not attached to anything and then I opened it up.

No gas came out of 2! Is this normal? Maybe I am wrong and I should attach a low pressure gauge to check valve 2 to actually read the pressure coming out?

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Yes. That's normal operation for a check valve. They're designed to let gas flow only in one direction -- from the regulator to the keg. The #1 check valve will not allow gas to flow from the keg into the manifold, which is why no gas flowed from #2 valve.

  • Duh moment on my part. Didn't know they performed just like aquarium air pump "check valves".
    – fthinker
    Oct 19, 2014 at 18:05

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