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How do I use freeze distillation to turn cider into applejack?

In my country obtaining a bottle of applejack is about impossible, while cider slowly gains some foothold. I have managed to obtain a few liters of apple cider for reasonable price and happen to have ...
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Why does my frozen wort smell like black currants?

I'm in the habit of freezing extra wort and using it for yeast starters. After I've racked the clean, cold wort from the kettle into the primary fermenter, I'm left with trub, hops, and wort in the ...
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Eisbock chunk thawed

It seemed a waste not to bottle my previously frozen ice chunk left over from an Eisbock recipe. It had all the smell and flavor and was a bit darker. Has anyone ever bottled their ice from icebock? ...
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What happens when beer freezes?

After a bit of trouble with a thermostat on a 2nd hand fridge, I discovered that my latest batch of bottled, ready-to-drink brew had frozen. What happens to beer when it freezes? Will the taste be ...
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Help! My homebrew keg froze, I brought it in, and now the beer is all foam.

I had my twin corny-keg setup in the garage in a refrigerator. The fridge kept it about 34 F degrees all summer, and I had the CO2 dialed just right. Well, it dropped down to about -5 F and my beer ...
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