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2-Row is a variety of barley with 2 rows of grains on the head. Barley has a 6-fold symmetry in the head formation, but in 2 row only 2 of the 6 form full grains the other 4 fail to develop beyond the flowering stage. 2-row tends to have a larger grain size than 6-row barley.

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How to steep 2-row in a partial grain recipe

New to brewing, only done a few all-extract batches. For my next batch I came across an APA recipe that called for a 2:1 ratio of DME to 2-row malt. What wasn't clear to me was if I should just plan ...
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8 votes
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Differences in various Maltster's 2-Row

How much flavor variation exists for 2-row malted barley from different malsters? For example, how different is 2-row malt from Rahr, Briess, Canada Malting, Malteurop other than price?
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What's the difference between 2-row and 6-row malt?

I know the difference has to do with how the grains grow on the stock, but I'm not completely sure what that difference is. It also seems like 2-row is more commonly used as a base malt, but I've seen ...
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