I'm attempting my first batch of hard cider. I tried re-hydrating my yeast by mixing them with Go-Ferm and warm water, but the must never started fermenting so I added more dry yeast to the batch. Did I ruin the must? What can I expect to happen and what is the possible causes for it to never having started fermenting?


If the yeast proofed when hydrating it should be fine.

More detail of your must would help. If you used bottled Apple juice it may have a yeast inhibiting preservative.

Update: if you're sure there are no preservatives, something else is inhibiting the yeast growth.

  • Yeast health, it may be dead. Repitch New yeast (check expiration date). Make sure proof water doesn't exceed 90°F. Allow yeast to get to room temp, after removing from fridge.
  • To cold of fermentation temp. Bring it up to 70°F
  • I used apple cider with no additives and no preservatives. It's a 4 gallon must with 4# of sugar added. The yeast never "proofed," that is, it didn't respond to the Go-Ferm mixture as expected. There was an obvious separation of the Go-Ferm and yeast, but nothing more. – Ron Richardson Feb 15 '16 at 12:28
  • Go-Ferm is just nutrients. I always add just a little corn sugar after hydrating to proof the yeast. – Evil Zymurgist Feb 15 '16 at 15:12

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