Is there a temperature monitor/device which I can attach to the fermentation vessel that will post temperature data back to a PC via Ethernet or wireless?

  • Can you remotely control your fermenter temp?
    – Denny Conn
    Nov 29, 2011 at 2:40

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I don't know of any, but if you like playing with electronics and programming, you could use an Arduino with an Ethernet Shield, and an Off-the-shelf temperature sensor. Doing that, you'd also need to set up a server process on your computer to listen for reports from your device, but there are tutorials for doing that sort of thing for just about every computer language out there.


I came across this site yesterday using an Arduino like Baka suggested.

It's a little involved, and it would require you to beef up your coding skills, but the step by step guide gives quite a bit of detail. Also, this is a fermentation controller that also tracks and graphs temperature, so it might be possible to scale back the development.

There's also an AMA on reddit with the designer.

  • The guy who did the site referenced above has now released an open source version of his temperature control system. Lots of details and instructions at brewpi.com.
    – chrisst
    Jan 3, 2013 at 21:20

If you aren't a programmer, then you can start building your system around a BCS460. I am running one, and it works like a charm. Mine controls my HLT, BK, Mash, and Fermentation temperatures. A little costly though if you only plan to use it for fermentation temperature, you can access it via your home network while you are at home or away.


I read in Wireless something about iGrill. This is a bluetooth thermometer (designed for cooking) which hooks up to your iPhone/Pad. I couldn't see the point of it myself but it might be interesting to you.

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