As the title suggests, looking to confirm which BJCP 2015 category would be most appropriate for a malted apple cider. In this recipe, the malt character comes from two sources: 1) DME boiled in water and added to the apple juice volume prior to primary fermentation, and 2) fermenting the juice/malt mixture using the yeast and trub leftover from a batch of pale ale transferred to secondary that day. Yeast used was US-05 and I estimate about a half gallon of pale ale remained in the carboy. No hop notes detectable in finished cider.

I'm leaning towards "C2F-Specialty Cider/Perry" but would appreciate suggestions from any cider or BJCP experts out there to ensure this malted cider gets placed in the correct judging category. Thanks in advance!

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I just had this discussion on the BJCP forums and while a Graf / Malted Cider doesn't have a specific home yet it May if it gains popularity.

C2F is the correct category, but note a base style the wort best fits or list the malted ingredients and must portion, in my case I use second runnings so that part is easy.

C2F was confirmed by two Grand Master BJCP judges.


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