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Brewing with fruit
Accepted answer
4 votes

I use frozen fruit often. While it thaws mash it lightly to break it up, put on the bottom of the secondary and rack on top of it. This is the best I have found to get the most flavor.

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How many pounds of frozen strawberries in a Strawberry blonde?
3 votes

I made a Strawberry Saison last Summer and the 1lb/per gallon was a nice subtle flavor, but I think I may raise the to 1.5 pounds next time. Also, I used frozen strawberries which I gently crushed. ...

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Why every brew has a bitter malty aftertaste?
0 votes

what kind of hops and how much? You may need to increase the IBUs. Also, what is the extract made from? Check to make sure it is a 2-Row and not something with more malt backbone (i.e. Pilsner) ...

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How (and how soon) can I determine if my primary is contaminated?
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I don't think you should just dump it. No infection in beer is going to harm you so go ahead and taste it. You may be able to add some Brett and get an awesome sour from it. Kitchen Science At Its ...

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