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The various hardware items for producing beer or wine. Includes buckets, carboys, kegs, hoses, airlocks, etc.
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The use of malt extract in homebrewing.
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Brewing using Dried or Liquid Malt Extract rather than extracting the sugars from the malted grains, in the mash.
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The anaerobic process by which yeast convert sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
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The temperature of the wort during fermentation. Often different from the ambient temperature since fermentation is an exothermic process (releasing heat).
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an organism that ferments
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Passing liquid through a device(the filter) to remove unwanted material.
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The specific gravity at the end of fermentation.
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Products added to homebrew in order to improve clarity by precipitating away proteins or other suspended matter.
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Questions pertaining to the caution or concerns of someone new to home-brewing.
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Flavor controls taste - one of the main human senses.
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the act of directly infusing CO2 into a solution under pressure.
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The use of fruit as an adjunct.
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products that provide a concentrated fruit flavor, often by extracting said flavor as a tincture.
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The old-fashioned fizzy ginger-flavoured drink, carbonated with yeast; this comes in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions.
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