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Any sort of numerical manipulations used in calculating brew-related quantities such as bitterness, original gravity etc.
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For questions about the equipment and process around capping bottles of homebrew.
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Carbonation refers to dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) in beer, wine or soda. The container holding the liquid is held under pressure like in a keg or bottle. When the pressure is reduced, the carbon di…
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A jug like container characterized by a narrow opening at its top. Often made from glass however plastic is becoming more popular. Used for primary and/or secondary fermentation and storage of beer,…
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The process of cooling hot wort after the boil or whirlpool phase of beer making.
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Chloramines present in the water can combine with malt phenols in the wort to create a compound called chlorophenol.
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A fermented beverage made from apple juice
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free of cloudiness. This is often achieved with the use of finings or cold-crashing.
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The removal of soils from the surface of equipment left behind by the brewing/fermentation process. A vital prerequisite for good sanitation.
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For questions about closed transfer systems and methods. That is, transferring wort between vessels while actively limiting the intake of oxygen to the system.
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Carbon-dioxide - an odorless gas at room temperature. CO2 is a byproduct of fermentation and provides carbonation when forced into solution in a beverage. Dispensing pressure is typically provided by…
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