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There are multiple reasons why you will have different levels of krausen in different beers. As @Frank van Wensveen pointed out, melanoidins are one source. These are produced by Maillard reactions during the malt kilning process (i.e. making dark malts) as well as during any similar heating process, such as a decoction mash (where a portion of the mash is ...


If you push a regular tap back you can inject some nitrogen and it will even cascade but it isn't nearly as "creamy" as regular Guinness.


I have finally managed to discuss this with someone who has forgotten more about brewing than I have ever known, and he opines that the main cause of increased foaming in darker styles had mainly to do with the melanoidins that occur in greater quantities in darker malts. Melanoidins are foam-positive. The combination of high levels of melanoidins and ...


If your hydrometer is not reading correctly then yes this could be the issue. In tap water at 20 or 25 depending on calibration it should read 1000+/-0.5. If it is reading 1006 then it is a fair way off. Applying a correection factor of 1021 = 0006 => 1015 which is pretty close to your target of 1014. I I strongly suggest you get a new hydrometer. I would ...

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