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No it does not. When it comes to screw caps, the things important to keep away from aging wine in a screwcap bottle are light, heat and motion. If oxygen can't penetrate the cap, how could humidity? Just keep it out of light and keep it cool.


According to the hops book from the great Brewing Elements series, if you store your hops pellets in the freezer in a vacuum bag, it should stay usable for up to three years in general. Loss of alpha acid will occur, but not too much. This is not true for fresh hops, though. I store my hops in a freezer at -16deg C and vacuum it always after use and am ...


Most varieties will safely store frozen for up to a year if wrapped tightly with low oxygen content. Beyond one year you will likely begin to see some degradation.


Beer ages faster at higher temperature, but less than 6 months at 19°C should not harm your beer. I would not worry. Flavour fades in time (malt and hops), so I rarely find that after a year the beer is as good as it was. Some beers are good to drink young, others are better after 3-4 weeks, it all depends on the type of beer. By keeping a beer cold, ...

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