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Why does Starsan's 475ml packaging have two openings?

Yes. Starsan is a single-component sanitiser and the small chamber is intended for measuring the liquid. You can't see it on your photo, but the chamber is marked with graduations in fluid ounces ...
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Should I rinse my equipment after sanitizing with Star San HB Five Star?

No rinse needed, if you follow the description on the bottle for the proper mix. If I remember correctly, the sanitization compound gets deactivated at a pH that's normal for brewing. There is a nice ...
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Can I Use My Sanitizers(PBW, Starsan) For Personal Hygiene?-CORONAVIRUS RELATED

No. Use soap and water. Wash your hands for 20-30 seconds and make sure you wash your whole hand. I have no idea what dilution you would have to use to maintain efficacy or what dilution you would ...
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Can I Use My Sanitizers(PBW, Starsan) For Personal Hygiene?-CORONAVIRUS RELATED

No. Not because they might not be effective, but because they are not made with your skin in mind. Their pH values, either acid or alkaline, are not compatible with your skin, and products for ...
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Starsan- overly ambitious krausen in airlock

It's prolly normal and I doupt this foam comes from starsan. I get bigger reaction when my fermentation temperature is high and/or OG is high and/or yeast produce big krausen
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Sanitizer life expectancy

Depending on what kind of sanatiser it is, many will keep thier sanitising properties indefinitely and through many uses. Acid based sanitisers like StarSan are effective as long as thier pH is below ...
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Effectiveness of Neale's Brewing Supplies no rinse sanitizer

pH below 3.0 is a recognized threshold condition needed to rupture cell walls of most bacteria. Regardless of the product brand 3.0 pH would be the number to keep it below.
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Star-San smells like Windex

Star-san does not smell like Windex. I would not use it in a food and/or beverage environment. Even if it is "safe" to use, it could still impart a nasty flavour or aroma. You've probably ...
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Is it possible to transport Star San in checked in luggage?

While inquiring with the FAA or other appropriate authorities is the only way to get a proper answer to that question, offhand my thought would be "No." Star San is a blend of phosphoric acid and ...
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Running a PRB or Star San solution through an Evaporative Cooler

You have to find out what material the chiller is made of and then you can find the proper cleaner to use. If it is stainless almost anything that isn't chlorine based would be fine to use. Aluminum ...
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Sanitizer sucked back into beer, dangerous?

I just had the same thing happen to me so I emailed Five Star Chemicals to see if they thought it would be safe. They said that if it had happened before the fermentation then it would be ok because ...
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