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Swing-top bottles leaking carbonation

Replace the seals. Buying 100 seals from eBay should cost you something like US$10. I also use swing-top bottles, and my protocol is to replace a seal immediately after opening a bottle that turned ...
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Swing-top bottles leaking carbonation

I agree that replacing the seals is good because they compress with time, but only after using them for some time. I usually flip the seal once, before changing it. Another thing you can do to get a ...
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Swing-top bottles leaking carbonation

Even though I liked the idea of swing-top bottles, I have found that they don't seem as effective and my friend's crown sealers. But having invested in swing tops, here are ways I've found to help ...
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Longevity of bottled mead

Mead generally ages very well and some of the best glasses I've had are from bottles that somebody forgot about. (The only reason I've never had a mead that's more than ten years old is that it's ...
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