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Fermented juice with potassium sorbate

Preservatives make it harder to ferment but not impossible. Sounds like your yeast has been able to ferment so I think you should be fine to carry on as normal. You may have saved it by putting in two ...
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Fermented juice with potassium sorbate

Potassium sorbate doesn't really kill off the yeast, it just stops it from reproducing. The bubbling can indicate active fermentation, but a better way to check if anything is happening is to sample ...
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Neutralizing yeast prior to backsweetening

CO2 bubbles doesn't necessarily mean that fermentation is ongoing. Bubbles are not all released at once. For example, with red wine kits, instructions often mention to stir for several minutes to ...
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Does Potassium Sorbate cause off flavors over time - and how long does this process take?

I've used Potassium Sorbate in a few wine recipes and haven't noticed any issues with off taste. Commercial wineries use it too and I doubt they'd be doing it if it would change the flavor profiles ...
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Fermented juice with potassium sorbate

As stated above, PotSorb inhibits fermentation, but not infinitely. I've made the same mistake myself, and I've found that preservatives (typically PotSorb and/or Natamycin/Pimaricin) can be ...
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After stabilizing a wine with potassium sorbate, do I need to bottle soon?

Potassium sorbate "stabilizes" a wine by preventing the yeast from reproducing any further. The most common reason to add it is when you're backsweetening, since the addition of more ...
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Can I use sodium metabisulphite and potassium sorbate together before bottling?

Not only can you, but you should! Especially if you sweeten it. It effectively can kill all the life in a wine, which improves stability. On the other hand, if you want effervescence, or a small ...
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Back sweeten Wine Question

Sparkaloid, acording to the SDS, is composed of, "natural diatomaceous earth - amorphous silica (CAS number 1344-95-2) , alginates". None of these really interact with sodium metabisulphite or ...
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How much potassium sorbate is needed to prevent yeast from multiplying?

I think it would depend on how much yeast was pitched, but the general consensus is that a 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of wine is enough to halt fermentation. So for liters it would be a little more than ...
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