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The key thing with mead is that you need to learn patience. It should not be done fermenting in a week or two. Not even a month or maybe not even two months. Leave it alone completely for at least a couple of months before even thinking about doing anything else to it. Time fixes a lot of things, especially with mead.


From my personal experience with wine and beer making, if the fermentation is stuck, it can be a few things, but it usually comes down to the yeast. Either it is too cold, and warming your brew can start it fermenting again. Too hot and the yeast can be killed off, and in some cases, the yeast itself can be faulty. If you think that the temperature is right ...


The product data sheet that comes with the Pectolase enzyme I use is quite clear: Do not use bentonite when adding the enzymes since they will be adsorbed. Pectolase is, of course, added before fermentation. Bentonite has several effects: it can adsorb some components and reduce color, but also remove things you want, such as your enzymes. In practice, ...


Bentonite is a fining agent (clarifier) that can either be added in moderate amounts before the fermentation or in larger amounts after the fermentation. It is a clay that is very unique because of the fact that it has a static charge that is stronger than usual. It is this property that makes Bentonite valuable as a fining agent. Bentonite is able to ...

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