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Can I harvest my hops wet?

I was in Yakima for Hop and Brew School about a month ago and asked a hop grower the same question. His answer was "we're gonna dry 'em anyway!". Dry them as soon as possible...hops start to compost ...
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Harvesting yeast question

Put it in the fridge and let it settle a bit, after a few hours (maybe 12) or so you should eventually see layers, with a cream colored cake on the bottom which will be your yeast. It's a little ...
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Pressurized Ferment Yeast Harvest -- what are these layers?

Judging by the light creamy color of your yeast/trub layer, it looks like you harvested very clean yeast, with very little trub mixed in. I'm not sure where that creamy foaming comes from, as you ...
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