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All Grain vs Dry Malt Extract

Control over color is the first thing and the biggest. Even the lightest DME will make beer darker than an all grain made with pilsner to the same gravity. Control over body. All extract, DME ...
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All Grain vs Dry Malt Extract

Cost - It costs much less per batch (in the long run) to make beer from grain Control - You have much more control over the brewing process. Time - I know you said you know this, but this is the main ...
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Adding "brew enhancer" (dried malt and dextrose) to increase the size of brew-in-a-bag brew

I would not do this. It probably wont "ruin" the flavour, but beer is a (sometimes delicate) balance of the sweetness of the malt against the bitterness of the hops. Your proposal is to add extra ...
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Input on recipe idea (are my calculations correct)

As a general suggestion on recipe formulation, this would be a good starting point:
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Typical Steeping Quantity

Grain absorbs approx 1 litre per 1 kg, that's the only hard-and-fast rule, everything else depends on recipe and on what you're trying to achieve. Do I understand right that your fermentable base is ...
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Brew in a bag with a 4 gallon kettle

Ok here's what you want to do. Do the steep as instructed. When you remove the grains just before 170°F, sqeeze the bag the best you can to get as much wort as possible, silicone bbq mits help. Now ...
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Brew in a bag with a 4 gallon kettle

I am not an expert, but I am also a BIABer and a I work with a small kettle (about 19 liters). So I am always trying to retrieve as much wort as I can with the limitations of my equipment. Something ...
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