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General questions about controllers

I have built a temperature regulation system for fermentation and a mash controller for my electric kettle using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The Arduino controls the hardware while the Pi handles the ...
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120v DC Agitator 240v element

Check your agitator motor connection. How many wires does it have? Where are these wires connected? Sounds like you've wired your agitator motor in such a way that when you turn on your heating ...
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Can a 1-wire temperature sensor be easily turned into a PT100 or PT1000 sensor?

you may want to ask this on the electronics stack exchange. but to answer this here. no, you cant replace a PT100 sensor, with a 1-wire temp sensor. PT100/1000 are analog sensors, 1 wire sensors ...
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Can a RIMS element be located in the mash tun instead of in a tube?

I would think a low wattage element would work. Low wattage to insure against scorching wort as it travels buy the element under the false bottom. Essentially what you are describing is the same ...
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Anvil Foundry 6.5 gallon recipe thickness causing compaction and stuck mashes

Congrats on your Foundry, and sorry to hear things haven't gone well on your first couple brews. I have the 10.5 gallon which I bought in 2020 and pretty happy with it. It's a good unit and Blichman/...
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DIY 110 volt eBIAB sytem possible?

I have a Robobrew and while it will run on 110V, it appears to be less than satisfactory (regardless of what their marketing tells you). One thing that will help is buying the thermal jacket for it (...
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Can a 1-wire temperature sensor be easily turned into a PT100 or PT1000 sensor?

Sorry, the two are very different - to make a OneWire sensor look like a PT100 sensor, you'd have to find some way to recreate the resistance in the wire that varies with temperature, which is how a ...
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