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Strong beer at 3%?

How are you measuring gravity? I would double-check your gravity readings. If you are using a refractometer, you'll need to correct your reading because they are not meant to be used after ...
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Need some carification on my ingredient choices and hop boil timing

This question isn't easy to answer - at best it's subjective as to whether it will be the result you want or not. I don't know the final gravity or IBUs that this recipe will produce - I could find ...
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Strong beer at 3%?

I was using a refractometer and I failed to account for the EtOH in the solution. Using the link, I was able to calculate that the ABV was actually 4.3% rather than 3%. After I posted my original ...
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Strong beer at 3%?

1.053 to 1.031 is only 41% apparent attenuation. I can't imagine that 20% crystal malt would produce enough unfermentable sugars for such low attenuation. Another source of unfermentatable sugars is a ...
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Crystal Malt - How does it influence head retention?

I decided to make some very pale bitter ("golden ale") for a change, with no addition of my normal 250g of standard crystal malt. So the only ingredient were my usual Maris Otter pale malt 2.5Kg/5 ...
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