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Hibiscus mead changed color after adding yeast nutrient

Hibiscus contains hydroxycitric acid. I suspect it had a reaction to metal elements in the yeast nutrient. The product looks like iron chloride in solution to me.
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What can cause color loss in a finished beer?

I've been brewing for 10+ years so the answer I give will be based upon experience. I have often seen beer to lighten in colour to some extent and have generally attributed this to the settling of ...
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Hibiscus mead changed color after adding yeast nutrient

I have found that the colour of Hybiscus is pH sensitive. At low pH it is red and at higher pH it will turn purple.
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Can I change the color to my beer to an arbitrary color?

I made a purple beer using purple corn. Try between 7 to 10 ears of corn per 5 gallon brew.
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Different appearence of liqueur after aging

Most likely, contamination has turned your second bottle greenish.
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Why is a fermented sugar wash white and opaque?

I am guessing it’s the tartaric acid has an ion charge that holds it in suspension and that something about the ginger root was the flocculant that bound with it allowed it to drop out.
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Hibiscus mead changed color after adding yeast nutrient

Your nutrient contained phosphate. Most phosphate compounds (besides phosphoric acid and ammonium phosphate) are insoluble. Part of what happened is the phosphate reacting chemically with other ions ...
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Rhubarb wine colour lost after additives introduced

I performed my first rack on some muscadine wine. I had 5 Camden tablets crushed and diluted in jug #2. Jug #1's content was deep pink. The content in the siphon line was pink. As soon as the wine ...
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