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I don't know if any bakers yeast that is tollerant to much more than 5% Alcohol By Volume. Hypothetically: A fermentable solution can fully attenuate in a matter of hours with enough adapted yeast and oxygen. But will never exceed the ABV tollerance of the strian.


I recently made a beautiful loaf of whole grain bread using the following method: After transferring a toasted oatmeal stout from my primary fermenter to my secondary, I let the trub settle again. I carefully skimmed the rest of the beer off of the trub. I mixed 125g of this beer with 125g of bread flour. Usually with my sourdough starter, it takes 4-5 ...


Yes, you can absolutely use bakers yeast for beer brewing. In Finland bakers yeast is a must for brewing historical Sahti beer. I have experimented a few batches with bakers yeast, both dry and fresh and it seems to have relatively high alcohol tolerance with lots of banana like aroma. Apparent attenuation were quite high. Remember to use actual yeast, as ...

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