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How quickly will bread yeast take to create an ethanol concentration of....?

I don't know if any bakers yeast that is tollerant to much more than 5% Alcohol By Volume. Hypothetically: A fermentable solution can fully attenuate in a matter of hours with enough adapted yeast ...
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Brewing Solid Things: Can Leftover Yeast Be Used for Bread?

I recently made a beautiful loaf of whole grain bread using the following method: After transferring a toasted oatmeal stout from my primary fermenter to my secondary, I let the trub settle again. I ...
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Home brewing first time with bakers yeasts

Yes, you can absolutely use bakers yeast for beer brewing. In Finland bakers yeast is a must for brewing historical Sahti beer. I have experimented a few batches with bakers yeast, both dry and fresh ...
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