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Beer blew up into the airlock. What's next?

Just clean it up and replace the airlock sanitizer fluid. If you have a second airlock just prep it and swap. If not just cover with sanitized foil while cleaning.
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Put the airlock really high could avoid blowing?

If fermenting in a corney keg you will never yield 5 gallons of finished beer. If 5 gallons finished beer is the goal use 6-6.5 carboys and brew 5.5-6 gallons of beer. Primary yeast cake easily ...
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How to clean krausen off of ceilings?

All humor aside it should clean easily with mild soap and water. I've found that dish soap 1:20 ratio in a spray bottle does well on latex paint for all kinds of mishaps. Don't use soaps with bleach. ...
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Re-adding yeast after a blow off

What blew out is just the krausen while it has a lot of great yeast in it, there should be plenty left to complete fermentation. Just a note. Cornmeal needs a cereal mash to expose starches and then ...
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What to do with blowout Krausen/wort

Dump it out. Pouring blowoff back in to save yourself a pint of beer risks the entire batch for infection. In the future you can use a bigger container for primary fermentation- but even so, blowoffs ...
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