Just clean it up and replace the airlock sanitizer fluid. If you have a second airlock just prep it and swap. If not just cover with sanitized foil while cleaning.


No worries. This is exactly the point of a blow-off tube: to blow-off excess fermentation products (krausen and wort trapped in the bubbles) in a controlled, "sanitary" way. There's basically no contamination risk. Swap out the contents of the blowoff container if it gets too nasty, starts attracting fruit flies, &c. But leave the blow-off tube in place ...


That's a question that's been debated with no definitive answer. Some say it's better to blow off the braun hefe becasue of the bitterness it might contribute. Others say it's better to use a larger fermenter so you don't lose yeast. There really is no right or wrong answer other than "try it each way and decide for yourself".

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