You may or may not see bubbling in the airlock. With a lot of head space, it may be reduced, and you may not notice it at all. Watching the airlock is like reading tea leaves... could be true, could not be. The only way to know how fermentation is progressing is to take gravity readings. If the gravity is reasonably close to the expected final gravity and ...


I've heard there are some honeys (carrot, goldenrod) that will give more caramel-like flavors - you could also try lightly boiling the honey to make your mead a bochet, which I'm told will create caramel flavors. This site talks about honey varietals: https://gotmead.com/blog/making-mead/honey-table/ This site talks about the process of making a bochet more: ...


It is bitter due to the ginger and the yeast eating all the sugar. You really should backsweeten. Here is a really good article explaining all the different parts of this. https://homebrewsupply.com/learn/make-alcoholic-ginger-ale.html good luck

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