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Yeasts are micro-organisms used in brewing to produce alcohol during the process of fermentation.

After forgetting to place the yeast starter in the fridge overnight I placed it in the freezer this morning for a short while to do a quick cool crash. I misjudged the time and the water above the … yeast cake has begun turning into a frozen slurry - though it is not completely frozen. I had a 1.1L starter in the freezer at -17ºC for roughly 1 and 3/4 hours. I've read on other questions that if …
asked Dec 4 '18 by joe92
Looking at creating my first yeast starter for a DIPA recipe with on O.G. target of 1.085. For this O.G. Brewer's Friend is telling me I would need a 3L starter of an O.G. of 1.040 with a stir plate … to hit my cell count (assuming yeast is 1 month old) (oh, I'll also be buying 2 packs of yeast). The yeast starters work far better with a stir plate, however, stir plates cost an absolute fortune …
asked Sep 7 '18 by joe92
formed at the top. This is the slowest start to a fermentation I have had and I can only assume is down to conditions described in the OP damaging the yeast somewhat. A further 24 hours after that the new … yeast arrived. Given that the primary fermentation had begun I opted not to pitch the additional yeast. However, there was still no build up of pressure or any airlock activity. After a much closer …
answered Aug 7 '18 by joe92
Yeast: Mangrove Jack's M44 - US West Coast Yesterday I brewed an IPA recipe but had a couple of issues when it came to pitching the yeast. The first was that I could not get the wort temperature … below 23.9ºC (75F). The second was that I cooled the re-hydrated yeast too far, to 19.1ºC (66F), as I expected to get the wort down to 21ºC-ish (70F). When I could not get the wort temperature any …
asked Aug 2 '18 by joe92