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The use of fruit as an adjunct.

I have used an industrial centrifuge to clear fruit wines. A rather uncommon piece of equipment but it works rather well. …
answered Sep 23 '17 by barking.pete
Some brewers and commentators say not to dry hop during active fermentation as the release of CO2 from the fermenting vessel may take some of the hop aroma and flavour. IMHO that is not particularly n …
answered Sep 17 '17 by barking.pete
or fruit squash- but again check the sugar content of the squash and adjust as needed. Fruit juice with little sugar (eg lemon juice) would add big flavour but little to the carbonation process and so … is an "ideal" flavouring agent. Another possible flavouring agent is the use of home made jam. It contains sugar and fruit flavour so is a useful base for fermentation. As the yeast will ferment …
answered Aug 5 '17 by barking.pete
The problem with much fresh "Supermarket fruit" is that it is usually picked early and is usually unripe. If one can find "ripe" or "over ripe" fruit in a supermarket then IMHO that is the fruit one … really wants to use. Unfortunately such fruit has limited shelf life and so is usually difficult to find unless it has been marked down for quick sale. The most dependable supermarket source is often …
answered Jul 11 '17 by barking.pete
I added 7g of bitter Orange peel and 7g of fresh cracked (not ground) coriander seed directly into a 25 Litre bucket after 4 days of fermenting a wheat beer. I left them in for 10 days. It seemed like …
answered Jan 4 '17 by barking.pete
No point in using StarSan to sterilise fruit of any description. It will not be very effective as it can only affect the surface and contains phosphoric acid and a surfactant (basically a "detergent … " wetting agent). If one had to wash the fruit then metabisulphite (Campden tablets) would be a good alternative. I would use a microwave on the cherries in a clip top plastic food container. It is …
answered Aug 24 '18 by barking.pete
present on fruit and will work directly on the sugars present. Acetobacter need alcohol (and oxygen) to produce the acetic acid (vinegar) so will generally only work in later stages of fermentation. If …
answered Jul 21 '17 by barking.pete