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Making an Ice Cider

Last fall I tried to make an Ice Cider. I have bought 3 gallons of pasteurized apple cider in plastic jugs. Original gravity of the cider was 1.050. I assumed, that bringin one gallon of juice to 1.135-1.150 (30-35˚Brix), it would take 3 gallons of unfermented juice (fresh juice is usually 12-14˚Brix).

I froze all jugs in my chest freezer to solid state. Then I started to unfreeze the cider into a pot (turning it up side down). After two hours, I had jug of white colored ice filling it to almost 50% with half gallon in the pot. When I checked the gravity of the iced cider, I was surprised because it was only 1.060.

What was I doing wrong? Is there some sort of secret on how to unfreeze the cider? Was it because the way the cider was pasteurized initially?

Any help is welcome.