As a chemical engineering student, I tried my best to avoid any chemical at all (*When they say trust me, you should never do so*).  

As such, I resorted to steam to sanitize my fermenter and bottles. However, the steam comes out of the household appliance with a plastic scent to it.  

I know, by fact, that this indicates a presence of plastic degradation molecules: however, I still tried sanitizing a part of the bottles this way as the fermenter, which I had first tested the appliance on, produced a healthy (I hope...) wort.


**How safe would that beer be**? Also, can anybody provide me with real-world data on the sanitation-water temperature-soaking time for **hot tap water**? (That is, soaking in 25°C water of course will never work, regardless of time, but I believe 60°C would work over 30 minutes, and 45°C should work over 1 hour)

Also, how high are the odds of wort infection for 1 minutes of 45°C hot water soaking?


Brew Data
Malt extract & Yeast: Cooper Lager kit  
OG: .034
FG: .010
Fermentation vessel material: stainless steel  
Bottle material: glass  
Cap material: Half the bottles have ceramic caps, half have tin and plastic ones   
Fermentation average temperature: 26°C  
Signs of wort infection: none