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Yeasts are micro-organisms used in brewing to produce alcohol during the process of fermentation.

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Under fermentation

I recently tried fermenting pure apple juice. During the first prep, I didn't add enough suger to reach the magic number. I took enough juice out to use to dilute more suger to the must, but my yeast ...
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Does this environment need any changes (SCOBY)

Trying to grow a SCOBY following the video linked below. It’s currently day 4.5 and I maybe see something very faint but not even sure about that. I have it in a bedroom around 70, window closed, on a ...
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Alternative Yeast Options for IIPA

I was gifted a 5 gallon Imperial IPA kit which did not come with yeast. It recommends either Safale US-05 Dry Yeast or Omega Yeast OYL009. Times being what they are, Omega is sold out and shipping ...
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Black IPA Yeast Blend

My homebrew club hosted a Fantasy Homebrew Draft, where each brewer drafted an ingredient round by round. The rules are you have to brew with and only with 6 of 8 ingredients you drafted. Finings and ...
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What's the effect of brewing with Lalemand Verdant over 23 C?

Lalemand seems to be producing a lot of nice esthers at 22-23 degrees. I was wondering what this looks like at 30~32 degrees. Would the esthers become off-flavours?
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Weird growth 24h after adding sugar for carbonation, is this normal?

I've finished coldcrashing this cream ale I've been brewing, I took some samples and they tasted great, so I've moved it to an airtight container and added sugar for carbonation. I checked it the next ...
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Weird taste and smell after heating

So I'm making high ABV alcohol with just plain sugarwash, high alcohol yeast and freeze distilling. I added chitosan and kieselsol(turbo cleaner) to clear it before freeze distilling but my yeast was ...
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