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A yeast culture is a pure sample of a strain of yeast. Achieved by plating from dilute slurry onto agar. This yields a pure colony grown from a single cell, which can be used to grow up a new yeast starter as required. A culture an also be stored in a yeast bank for a number of years as insurance against loss of the strain.

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Has anyone used Bootleg Biology? Any experience with catching/ growing wild yeast strains?

I just ordered a kit from their website that is for catching/growing wild yeast strains for home brews. I was wondering if anyone else may have used them or tried doing this their selves. It's one ...
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Non Turbo, High Proof Yeast

Currently I am using EC-1118 yeast for making my wines. In the past I have also used DADY Red Star and it worked, but took forever to clear up and become even remotely drinkable. Plus my last 2 ...
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Pink (or salmon) colored colonies on foam in starter flask

I noticed several small pink colonies on the foam of a second stage starter that I made from recovered yeast (originally Gigayeast: GY 054) that was mixed with 25% glycerin and frozen. They were not ...
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when does the alcoholic fermentation end?

No special instruments / meters available. Is there an approximate way to tell when the alcoholic fermentation has stopped ? I am asking so I know when to add the MLF yeasts in. Viniflora CH16 ...
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How long does it take for yeast to mutate into having other characteristics?

I have heard yeast can mutate when you re-use yeast, and when it goes through many yeast-generations. How long does it take for the yeast to mutate? Which factors have an impact on the ...
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What is the control recipe for official yeast attenuation ratings?

Attenuation is the % of sugars a yeast will consume during fermentation, and is a general gauge of how much ABV will result from a specific OG solution. We all know that the attenuation of a specific ...
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Questions on keeping a yeast strain going over and over

I have a couple of yeast questions that I have not found the answer to yet. I recently washed my yeast from a batch of beer using something like this. I got 5 jars of yeast out of this, and I assume ...
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Scaling up from a colony

I am preparing to start my own small yeast bank and I was wondering what is the optimal method for scaling up to a starter from a single colony. What step sizes should I use? What strength of wort ...
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How long can I keep a slant/plate in a domestic fridge/freezer?

I am considering plating up some yeast/isolating cultures and starting my own small yeast bank, I know that If I were to keep these at -80C in a lab freezer they would keep for years, but how long ...
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Yeast washed, combine containers?

We washed yeast from our last beer and now it's sitting in multiple containers in the fridge. The mixture is mostly water with some yeast at the bottom. Is it acceptable practice to combine the yeast ...
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Yeast plate not showing single colonies

Why do my yeast plates end up looking like this? And not this? My yeast plate is composed of wort + agar.
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Worried about extent of inflation of Wyeast 4766 package

My friend and I were trying to ferment some raspberries using the WYEAST 4766 Cider yeast. Now it's 1 day after we activated the package and it is still only partially inflated. Should we buy a new ...
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Weihenstephaner Vitus yeast

Recently I decided to harvest a Weihenstephaner heffe yeast from the bottle. However, I couldn't find it in the store, so I grabbed Weihenstephaner Vitus. Does it contain the same yeast strain as ...
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What is the specific role of yeast in wine making? [closed]

I'm a senior student, experimenting on alcohol concentration of wine using different variables. My variables are white wine yeast and brewing yeast and whilst I know the main role, I would like to ...
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solidifying yeast in bottles

I brew using NA Bud.Primary fermentation in bin then secondary in primed bottles that beer originated from.bottling is done after about 1 week then left for three weeks to clear.only slight problem is ...
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Can we use monoammonium phospate (MAP) as yeast nutrient for wine making?

Wine making is not common in my country so it's difficult to buy wine ingredient especially Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) as yeast nutrient. After look in local shop, there's a shop selling Monoammonium ...
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Selecting yeasts

As I understand it, the selection of malt (and adjunct), hops and yeast all affect the flavour of a beer in important ways. However, while you can taste the malt and other grains to get a feel for ...
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Canning unfermented wort for yeast farming?

Canning is often used to preserve foods: the microorganisms inside mason jars are killed by a boiling water bath and sealed when removed. Small amounts of unfermented wort are useful when yeast ...
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How does a beginner manage their yeast farm?

I'm about 6 batches into my AG brewing and my fridge is slowly getting filled with jars of yeast I've been harvesting, each labelled so I can tell which batch they came from. So far I've been ...
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When do Yeast grow and multiply?

Do yeast multiply in the initial aerobic phase or do they continue to multiply all the way through the entire anaerobic phase?
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Yeast harvesting

I have just read an article about harvesting yeast ( The author talks about making a starter and taking a part of the starter ...
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How much yeast do i need for 1bbl batches?

We are planning on brewing 1bbl batches, but we are kind of stuck on how much yeast we need. We contacted White Labs but their 1bbl pitchable yeast is way too expensive. I want to know what would be ...
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US-05 Fermentation Temperatures / Top Cropping

Brewed a 1.060 OG IPA last night (extract), pitched a packet of US-05 reconstituted with 5 ounces of water. Pitched at 68 degrees, but I wanted a clean fermentation with minimal esters, so I have the ...
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Is a cider-like smell a bad sign in a culture of beer yeast?

I started culturing yeast from a La Fin Du Monde bottle about 3 days ago. I have since stepped it up to a 2L container about half full of wort. I have been very careful about sanitizing everything ...
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Good slant vials?

I've been looking into making yeast slants, thinking it could be fun. I've been looking for some test tubes online, and have a few questions. Is it tough to use test tubes with stoppers rather ...
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Capturing wild yeasts?

Has anyone done any experiments trying to capture wild yeasts around their home/property and ferment with them? Any tips, methods, ideas, etc. would be appreciated.
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Is Mixing Yeast OK?

Say I wanted to make an ale which has some of the banana characteristics of a Belgian yeast, but also wanted some of the citrusy flavors of an American ale yeast. Could I achieve this by making a ...
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Reusing yeast at home

Reusing yeast at home is something I'm incredibly interested in, but haven't found the time to learn enough about it just yet. What are the basic steps for harvesting, cultivating, or whatever other ...
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