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Could you use Etosha charcoal in Whiskey making?

Etosha is a hardwood from Namibia, it is an invader species there and is hence used widely as barbeque charcoal throughout Southern Africa. Its smoke has an amazing scent and aroma to it. I saw this ...
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Amount of oak chips

I'm brewing an imperial stout. It will have 10-12% ABV in the end (hopefully). I never used wood chips before, but want to add it to this beer. I read through guides but I read everything from just 24 ...
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Wooden barrel treatment

A friend gave me a 20l (5 gal) wooden barrel. It had bourbon before, and was emptied two or three days ago. My friend said the barrel needs to be prevented from drying so that the wood doesn't ...
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Will a wooden barrel with alcohol survive in soil for quarter century?

I'm planning to revive in my family one of regional traditions of Poland. It goes like this: Serve wine from a wooden (usually oaken) barrel during baptism party of your child. After the party, fill ...
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What woods can be safely used to flavour/age beer?

There is a history of people using oak barrels to age and mature beer. These days people often use bourbon soaked oak chips to flavour beer in the secondary. Also, I have seen people asking about ...
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Green wood in beer

I was wondering if I can make some post-christmas beer out of the christmas tree (Norway Spruce). So my question is, does wood have to be dried in order to use it for flavoring or can I use green ...
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Maple wood aging as opposed to maple syrup

All the reading I am doing suggests that adding maple syrup at just about any point to a beer is really just a waste of maple syrup, except potentially at priming. When brewing a 'pumpkin' beer, ...
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