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1 vote
1 answer

Help needed with recipe translation

I'm making the move from brewing all-grain kits to a "full fledged" recipe Weizen. However, I'm having trouble with some of the details: namely quantities and sparging. Some background: I've been ...
1 vote
2 answers

Priming sugar quantities for Weissbier

I've just primed 4.5L of weissbier with 38g of demerara sugar (the only I had around) and bottled it. According to beersmith's calculator that's what I should add to achieve 3.8 volumes of Co2. After ...
3 votes
2 answers

What causes beer to have a "plastic bag burp" taste

I've noticed what I describe as a "plastic bag burp" property in some beers. In short, beer burps after drinking the beer have a slight plastic-y aftertaste. I notice this most often in home brew ...
3 votes
2 answers

Should I use finings when brewing a White/Weiss/Wheat beer?

My latest brew is a Belgian White beer - a Hoegaarden stile beer. I don't have the equipment to rack this beer so I intend to bottle it after about 3 weeks in the brew barrel. This style of beer is ...