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Does chlorine kill yeast?

Does chlorine in tap water kill yeast? Does chloramine kill yeast? Specifically Lalvin 71B wine yeast? Is it OK to use filtered tap water (Culligan filter) to re-hydrate yeast?
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Adding minerals back into reverse osmosis water?

Everyone knows that reverse osmosis filter strips out the minerals from water, but no one on Google is telling the way to adding them back into the water. I have been drinking reverse osmosis water ...
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Difference of water content for difference in taste

My brother and my father both brewed the same beer at the same time in the same general area. General area being each at their own home, but separated by about 20 miles and they are in different ...
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Do water filters decay at a linear rate for the various chemicals it filters?

I have a reverse osmosis and deionization unit that is able to filter my 450 PPM TDS tap water down to 0 PPM TDS. It has been about three months, and my TDS reader now gives 3 PPM TDS. Do water ...
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Will my Reverse Osmosis water lose its purity if its not used immediately?

I just installed a reverse osmosis and deionizer water filtration system, and it is extremely slow. I calculate that it will take 3-4 hours to filter out 10 gallons of water. I am planning on filling ...
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What micron level is good for carbon filtering your water?

I went and built a version of this filtration system, but the only filter I could find at Home Depot was a 5 micron. The guy in that thread seems to be using a .5 micron. I have been using water ...
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