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2 answers

Can adding too much yeast to my sugar wash mess up fermentation?

I am starting my own vodka with a 4 gallon sugar wash. I added 10 lb of sugar and a whole pack of turbo yeast (for a 5.5 gallon wash). I read a little bit that adding too much might make the ...
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How does one make vodka from potatoes

I ask this as a Russian born person of which would like to show off to friends and family. As a Russian born US citizen who occasionally gets playfully teased about our stereotypes, I would like to ...
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Will a wooden barrel with alcohol survive in soil for quarter century?

I'm planning to revive in my family one of regional traditions of Poland. It goes like this: Serve wine from a wooden (usually oaken) barrel during baptism party of your child. After the party, fill ...
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My vodka added beer became sweet!

in my country it's illegal to buy or sell alcoholic drinks. so I started trying to make them at home. I make vodka by distillation and it tastes good as any other vodka. A few days ago I bought non ...
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Make vodka with baking yeast? [closed]

Is it possible to use normal yeast from tesco (for baking) to make vodka? I want to try making it in a 2 litre bottle since I'm space limited but could buy a 5 litre bottle in the future. How much of ...
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Vodka / Gin production without a still, in the UK

So I have recently been looking into making my own vodka and/or gin. The laws around producing drinks like these in the UK don't see, very clear, so I was hoping someone here had more experience in it....
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4 votes
2 answers

Nibs and vodka question

I'm hoping to get some confirmation on what is probably a stupid question. I'm getting ready to rack a chocolate coffee milk stout and am going to be using nibs for the first time. I understand ...
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How is ABV calculated if distilled spirits are added to beer?

How would one calculate the ABV of a beer if distilled spirits were added? For instance, when making a beer recipe that called for adding bourbon as a flavoring agent. If you started with, say, 5 US ...
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