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Use of green tea to flavor beer

I'm considering using some green tea to flavor my last batch of yuzu-wit beer. I was wondering if anyone ever used tea for this purpose. My first idea is to put the tea in a hop sac with some weight ...
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sweet tea spontaneous fermantation

I got a half-gallon jug of sweet tea from Bonjangle's months ago. Didn't drink it, but kept it in my fridge for about 3 months. The plastic jug was bloated when I came to realize it. I knew it wasn't ...
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Fermenting sugary tea into an alcoholic beverage?

I was drinking some caramelized cranberry tea today (that is, cranberry-flavored tea sweetened with caramelized sugar, or maltose, or malt sugar, whatever you wanna call it). It tasted very sweet, and ...
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How to Bottle Brewed Tea

Hi I'm planning to sell my tea(brewed tea + sugar + lemon/fruit extract) product in bottles(Plastic or Glass) but since it's brewed tea it only last for 12hrs before funky smell comes out. Is there a ...
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Ever made a "hop tea" to balance an overly malty beer?

I brewed a golden ale that was severely under hopped. I called my LBHS and the told me to make a hop tea to add to the keg: 1 gallon of water 1 tbsp malt extract 2 oz fresh hops boil for 60 minutes ...
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Ever brew Kombucha?

I know, this one is out of left field, but the concept of fermented tea is pretty interesting, and the process (obligatory Wikipedia link) doesn't seem too foreign to homebrewers (of beer). I'm not ...
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